Custom field - Decimal number

These fields are great to input large numbers, currency values, and percentages. Numeric values ​​entered will always have two digits after the decimal point. These can be positive or negative and must be between -9999999999999.99 and 999999999999.99.

What it’s used for

You can use this type of field to enter numeric values ​​like:

Use the data collected to customize the body of an email (e.g., This year, you’ve donated $ xxxx this year. Thank you very much for your contribution.) Or to create contact lists based on a specific numeric value (e.g., by targeting subscribers who have spent more than $50 in the last six months).

Recommended formats to import decimal numbers

Here are key things to remember:

Here are some examples of decimal number formats accepted for import:

15 155.75
$ 15,155.75

How to search for a specific decimal number

Target your contacts efficiently and create lists using specific criteria found in the content of your text fields, with the help of advanced search, dynamic groups and automated segmentation scenarios.

In decimal number fields, you can search using the following filters: